API PRO is designed to help companies improve the performance of their plant. API PRO supports maintenance organization with:

          • preventive maintenance
          • analysis of financial information
          • easy tracking
          • complete suite of technical analysis tools
          • work order generation
          • user friendly system


          • Analysis of financial information
            ○ Increased service revenue
            ○ Operational cost reduction thru standardization of EAM process
            ○ Decrease of spare part inventory and cost
            ○ Reduction and streamlining of suppliers
          • Easy Tracking
            ○ Ability to measure asset environmental impact
            ○ End-to-end
          • Asset Life Cycle Management
            ○ Simplification of asset environment through consolidation of applications
            ○ Increased monitoring of assets leading to improved performance
            ○ Advanced material management and stock control tied into purchasing optimizes stock levels
          • Complete Suite of Technical Analysis Tools
            ○ Improved regulatory/safety compliance
            ○ Software consolidation – eliminate class specific solutions
            ○ Reduction in mean time to repair (MTTR)
          • Work Order Generation
            ○ Improved operational and asset performance
            ○ Enable proactive maintenance
            ○ Improved utilization and scheduling of maintenance resources
            ○ Industrial interface automation generates predictive and preventive maintenance work orders before failures occur
          • User Friendly System
            ○ Maintenance processes are standardized and mobile functionality provides fast access to data
            ○ Automation of purchasing flow from maintenance to ERP purchasing
            ○ Deeper and more accurate data for faster decision making

Organizations can either select between four standard packages or only select the specific modules needed

The API PRO software is easy to use, scalable and enables organizations to access the API PRO CMMS & EAM system via smartphone, tablet, iPad or laptop. Organizations can keep track of asset performance in realtime and use powerful analysis tools.

The API PRO enterprise asset management software system gives organizations the following advantages:

Audit compliance

Managing critical assets has become continually more complex. Audit compliance is becoming a main area of concern for many companies. Keeping up high standards of BRC and customer accreditation is essential in maintaining companies’ and consumers’ credibility. As legislation increases, so do companies’ accountability for health and safety in the workplace. Accurate records of maintenance activities, backed with correct procedures are essential.

The API PRO software system demonstrates the effectiveness of your maintenance tasks through proper documentation. As a result, you can rest confident that all activities are properly carried out.

All data is in one place and this centralized feature allows easy accessibility and can be easily demonstrated to an auditor without the stress of rummaging through files and excel spreadsheets.

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