Industrial Operating Touch Panel

CIMON Xpanel

CIMON-XPANEL is a Windows CE based HMI unit. A combination of software and hardware, suitable for various monitoring needs in industrial sites.


    • Durable Reinforced Aluminum Die casting (12, 15 inch)
       Improved heat and shock resistant case, protects vital electrical components.
    • High Quality LED Display
      Low-power, low-heat, full-brightness and vivid color display.
    • Variety of interfaces including

      Ethernet, Serial (RS232/485), USB Host/Tool, and SD card slot options.
    • Convenient and Powerful Designing Tool
      XPANEL Designer has powerful features, including an unlimited tag database, communication drivers, more than 20,000 graphics library objects and a user-friendly interface making for easy development and integration.
    • Real-time Data Logging
      Data can be saved to its internal memory, SD Card, or USB Memory.
    • Page Resizing
      Project can be transferred to other XPANEL models resized.


Provides more than 20,000 different graphic objects to assist with rapid project development.

Screen Capture
Without a PC connection, the operation screen on XPANEL can be saved in a Bitmap file for future reference.

Animation library makes customizing animations easier

Users can simulate projects within the interface before installation.

Multiple languages can be shown on one page and are compatible with fonts supported by windows.

Protects system from unauthorized access with 10 layers of security.

Data Bridge
Synchronize other devices connected to XPANEL. In the case of downed communications, XPANEL can act as the hub for communication

Ethernet Communication
One Ethernet port communicate with several devices at the same time. Data can be shared between CIMON-SCADA and XPANEL to configure your custom network.

High-Definition Display
High performance LED with low heat and low energy consumption without sacrificing image quality.

Easy to use and programmed in C language. Various functions are provided for users to implement custom functions.

Logistics Management
Supports different varieties of barcode readers and RFID readers to process logistics management effectively.

XPANELs connected via Ethernet can be controlled using a PC or smartphone.

Users can create reports in Microsoft Excel based on hourly, daily, monthly, or yearly metrics.

Data Logging
XPANEL memory values can be saved by presetting custom functions.

USB Port
Supports external devices via USB

Alarm Message
A maximum of 10 groups and unlimited alarm notifications can be registered. Alarm history is saved to CSV file which then can be accessed in Excel.

Pre-register necessary settings for production and manufacturing process in XPANEL to save production time.

Line Up

XT Series

7 inch

4 inch



iXT Series

15 inch

12 inch

10 inch