Cincoze is a system provider in the broad industrial computing field. We design, manufacture, and market highly engineered and innovative products to meet the demanding industrial applications.


“Diamond” is our fanless computing system product line that includes six series:

Cincoze Diamond Series is designed to be rugged, fanless and cable free and are subjected to rigorous testing for verification of their suitability to operate under harsh environmental conditions.

“Crystal” is our display computing system product line that includes below series:

  • High Performance Modular Panel PC (CV-100/P2000 Series)
  • Power Efficient Modular Panel PC (CV-100/P1000 Series)
  • Sunlight Readable High Performance Panel PC (CS-100/P2000 Series)
  • Sunlight Readable Power Efficient Panel PC (CS-100/P1000 Series)
  • Industrial Monitor (CV-100/M1000 Series)
  • Sunlight Readable Monitor (CS-100/M1000 Series)
  • High Performance Convertible Computer (P2000 Series)
  • Power Efficient Convertible Computer (P1000 Series)
  • Convertible Monitor Module (M1000 Series)
  • Convertible Display Module (CV-100 Series)
  • Sunlight Readable Display Module (CS-100 Series)
  • Open Frame Display Module (CO-100 Series)

Cincoze Crystal Series is a flexible, all-in-one, industrial, and multi-functional solution that fulfills a wide range of applications. Cincoze Convertible Display Systems are all-in-one devices integrated with high-resolution screens, touch screens and computers. Our convertible display system product line that is consisted of Convertible Panel PC and Touch Monitor. 

“Gold” is our GPU computing system product line that includes:

  • Dual Full-length GPU Expandable Computer (GP-3000 Series)
  • Embedded MXM GPU Computer (GM-1000)

Cincoze Gold series leverage the powerful combination of high-performance CPU
and GPU and are built with Cincoze’s unique rugged features and thermal solution,
delivering optimal computing performance for the field applications.