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Embedded GPU Computer

To fulfill the demands of growing advanced industrial applications, embedded systems are increasingly relying on heterogeneous platforms that take advantage of different types of processing units such as CPUs and GPUs. CPUs execute multi-task operations through serial processing, and multiple processing cores with high clock speed are now standard in high-end computing. GPUs have hundreds or thousands of small cores focusing on a specific task in massive parallel processing, such as image processing and data analysis. Today, it’s getting popular to use the combination of CPU and GPU to fulfill specific industrial applications like face recognition, video surveillance, autonomous drive, automated optical inspection, machine learning, and other edge AI computing.
Cincoze’s GPU computers provide powerful computing performance and support various form factors of GPU expansion cards such as Mobile PCI Express Module (MXM), PCIe and even full-length PCIe. Built with a high power budget with optimized thermal design, these GPU computers can operate under 100% loading of CPU and GPU stably. Together with its rugged design and compliance of industry certifications, Cincoze’s GPU computers can be used in harsh environments. 

Dual Full-length GPU Expandable Computer (GP-3000 Series)

GP-3000 is an expandable high-performance GPU computer. An Intel® workstation-grade processor and up to two 250W full-length graphic cards provide unparalleled performance within a total 720W power budget. GP-3000 features the unique GPU Expansion Box (GEB) design, whereby a single- or dual-GPU GEB is attached to the main embedded system to add GPU processing power. The additional GPU performance massively accelerates complex industrial AI and machine vision tasks.

GP-3000 is engineered to deliver superior performance, fast data storage, and high-speed I/O connectivity. The combination of high-quality mechanical design and industrial ruggedness (MIL-STD-810G compliance) brings new possibilities and innovative transformations for AI applications at the edge.


Embedded MXM GPU Computer (GM-1000 Series)

GM-1000 is a rugged, compact, and high-performance GPU computer with embedded GPU expansion capability. It supports Intel® Xeon®/Core™ socket type processors and Mobile PCI Express Module (MXM 3.1 Type A/B form factor) in a small footprint (260 mm x 200 mm x 85). It is ideal for applications requiring high GPU processing power and to be installed in space-limited environments.