SCADA DS & RS version – NEW Unlimited Client For DS


– DS : Development version (CimonD software) – Include Runtime and Unlimited Client (Web/Thin Client & Mobile)
– RS : Runtime version (CimonX software)
– Easy design tools with powerful functions
– 2D & 3D images with animations in Library
– Redundancy and Client-Server systems
– OPC, ODBC, FEP and Modbus supported
– Mobile server Included in DS
– MRP Systems

Development System

No Model Name Item Specification
1 UA01-0075/DS 75 Tag Development + Runtime + Keylock + Manual
2 UA01-0150/DS 150 Tag Development + Runtime + Keylock + Manual
3 UA01-0500/DS 500 Tag Development + Runtime + Keylock + Manual
4 UA01-1500/DS 1500 Tag Development + Runtime + Keylock + Manual
5 UA01-3000/DS 3000 Tag Development + Runtime + Keylock + Manual
6 UA01-FULL/DS Unlimited Tag Development + Runtime + Keylock + Manual

Run-time  System

No Model Name Item Specification
1 CM01-0075/RS 75 Tag Runtime + Keylock
2 CM01-0150/RS 150 Tag Runtime + Keylock
3 CM01-0500/RS 500 Tag Runtime + Keylock
4 CM01-1500/RS 1500 Tag Runtime + Keylock
5 CM01-3000/RS 3000 Tag Runtime + Keylock
6 CM01-FULL/RS Unlimited Tag Runtime + Keylock


Ο New Style Development Environment

  • Offers ideal environment to enable monitoring windows and workspace


  • Convenient management program based on the explorer’s layout and functions
  • Find/Replace feature to conveniently manage the large-scale database
  • Database compatible with excel
  • Analog / Digital / String / Group tag
  • Virtual Tag : Simulation, tag for internal operation

CIMON SCADA tag Browser

Ο Alarm

  • Most important work in the system
  • Alarm Management by zones and priorities
  • Alarm summary, file, printer, alarm sound, text message
  • Digital tag alarm: ON and OFF, ON -> OFF, OFF -> ON, ON <-> OFF
  • Analog Tag Alarm: Limit Value, Deviation Value, Rate of Change
  • Activate specific actions when the alarm is triggered or stopped
  • Alarm type or alarm area summary can be monitored online
  • Line color printing by priorities and types
  • Monitor alarm history with the alarm manager (Filtered by specific tag/ alarm type/ alarm status/ occurred time)
  • Save as a CSV file

CIMON SCADA Alarm setting

Ο Trend Analysis

  • Historical Trend / Real-Time Trend
  • Data trend analysis through zoom-in/out function
  • Simultaneously monitor many key tags by placing multiple trend objects on the page
  • Easy data trend monitoring through various toolbars
  • YT trend, Multiple trend, XT trend, ST trend are various trends that the user can choose


Ο Chart

  • Display the data gathered from various device / data logging / databases to a chart
  • Easy to setup the chart by just setting up the series and the data
  • Enables the chart to connect to database without ODBC

Ο Trend Analysis  Historical Trend /

Ο Supported Chart Type

  • 2D Chart Type
    • Bar Chart (Bar, Stacked bar, Full stacked bar)
    • Pie Chart
    • Point Chart
    • Line Chart (Line, step line)
    • Area Chart (Area, stacked area, full stacked area)
    • Radar Chart (radar, radar line, radar area)
  • 3D Chart Type
    • 3D Bar Chart
    • 3D Pie Chart
    • 3D Line Chart
    • 3D Step Line Chart
    • 3D Area Chart
    • 3D Stacked Chart
    • 3D Full Stacked Chart

Ο Report

  • Excel or Word forms can be used
  • Displays a report in Excel form without using Excel
  • Reports by regular intervals, time, event which can be saved as a file
  • Reports can be made either by a scheduled time or upon user’s request


Ο Data Logging

  • Data is logged at a regular interval or when the value is changed
  • Data can be saved as a file or printed
  • File can be saved separated by the size or the logging period
  • Monitors the logging data on the trend screen
  • The logging data can be read by the script function

CIMON SCADA Data Logging

Ο Security

  • User registration based on 100 levels
  • Stores user’s login/logout history
  • Allows access to the system only for the authorized user level
  • Able to change passwords online
  • Activate specific actions when logged in

CIMON SCADA Security Configuration

Ο Scheduler

  • Monitor and control according to the schedule
  • Collected data management and system control can operate based on date
  • Executes registered work details on a specific date automatically


Ο Comment Table

  • Call the strings depends on tag status
  • Batch process with Excel
  • Display messages in conjunction with alarm

CIMON SCADA Comment Table

Ο Part

  • Object link function
  • Display by the part object
  • Conjunction with switch / lamp
  • Batch change by the link function


Ο Switch Lamp

  • Display various switch / lamp using objects and libraries
  • Supports bit / word switch
  • Supports bit / word lamp
  • Label can display current status
  • Conjunction with the project and the system part


Ο Screen Call

  • See the contents of multiple pages on a single screen
  • Layout without any frame division
  • Control the function on a linked page
  • Save the page size by the link function


Ο Network

  • Supports various types of network operation including Standalone, Peer-to-Peer, 1 server + n Clients, and n Servers + n Clients
  • Connects to other workstations using TCP/IP or RS232C/Modems through the CIMON-NET Protocol (Cimon-SCADA <-> CIMON-SCADA or CIMON-SCADA ,-> CIMON-Touch communication)
  • Support dynamic IP addressing system
CIMON SCADA Network Configuration Stand alone
Stand Alone Network Configuration
CIMON SCADA Network Configuration Client Server
Client Server Network Configuration
CIMON SCADA Network Configuration Redundancy and Client Server
Redundancy and Client Server Network Configuration

Ο Creating Monitoring / Control Screen

  • Object oriented graphic
  • User friendly toolbar
  • Various types of control functions
  • Supports linking the object to other application program
  • Several screens can be opened together in one layout
  • Zoom in / out function in the editing / execution mode
  • Easy to create a screen layout by dragging & dropping various types of clip art and library

CIMON SCADA Graphic Design

Ο Graphic Effect

  • Supports animation modifications
  • By using various framed picture files, create dynamic and realistic effect of industrial images
  • Texture expression using the gradation effect

CIMON SCADA Grahic Animation Editor

Ο Visual Basic Script

  • Supports script language of Visual Basic syntax
  • Supports about 500 internal functions
  • Execution possible anywhere within CIMON-SCADA

CIMON SCADA Visual Basic Editor


  • Supports OPC server for CIMON SCADA
  • User application gathers the data from CIMON-SCADA and controls it through the OPC interface
  • Used only with FULL/DS and Web version

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