UL 62368-1: Ensuring the safety of industrial computer products

UL 62368-1: Ensuring the safety of industrial computer products

CE, FCC, and UKCA certification logos are a familiar sight on electronic products. Those badges certify the electronic product’s EMC compliance in the European, American, and British markets. But there is another mark, the UL mark, which shows an extra level of product quality that goes beyond the industry standard requirements.

What is UL certification?

UL is the mark of certification issued by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.. UL is the successor to the National Board of Fire Underwriters’ Electrical Bureau, which was established in 1894 in the wake of a spate of major fires caused by electrical equipment and wiring in the early 1890s. Today, UL provides testing, inspection, certification, and advisory services for global products. It is a third-party, independent professional organization dedicated to public safety, aiming to create a safer world for consumers. In the United States, UL is a trusted symbol of product safety. For global manufacturers, UL is one of the most authoritative and credible certification bodies. Obtaining UL certification signifies a commitment by the company to provide consumers with safety-focused and quality-assured products.

Greater safety and reliability are paramount for industries that rely heavily on industrial computers to power automation in harsh industrial environments and automated factories. To provide the highest level of assurance against the risk of product failure, UL has extended its electronic equipment safety testing standards based on the IEC 62368-1 requirements for information and communication technology audio-visual equipment. The requirements for IEC 62368-1, developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), are conducted during the product design phase and are based on the principles of hazard-based safety engineering (HBSE). HBSE requires that under the premise of protecting equipment users, the product should ensure safety when operators come into contact with it, both during normal operation and in case of failure, to prevent electrical hazards that could lead to electric shock or burns. It also emphasizes safe use in foreseeable environments, preventing any harm to personnel or property. This principle suggests utilizing a system safety analysis during product design: first, identifying potential sources of hazards and the paths through which they may be transmitted to users and then proposing and implementing appropriate protection measures. Industrial computers designed according to HBSE principles and passing the UL 62368-1 testing are equipped with safety protection measures, ensuring their reliability and safety in use and bringing more confidence to enterprise users.

Types of UL certification

UL’s product certifications can be categorized based on the product attributes:

  • UL Listed:
    This is the most well-known UL certification service, applicable to complete products. The UL Listed Mark on the product indicates that the manufacturer’s pre-production samples have been tested and certified by UL according to recognized safety standards in the United States. Under reasonable and foreseeable conditions, these products will not cause fires, electrical leakage, or related hazards.
  • UL Recognized Component:
    This service primarily certifies and tests components or non-finished products that will be used in future products or systems applying for UL Listed. UL Recognized Component covers millions of components, including plastics, wires, circuit boards, and various parts used in different types of products, as well as larger components like motors or power supplies.
  • UL Classified:
    Products are evaluated based on their specific purposes, including specific hazard ranges or circumstances. Most UL Classified products are not intended for consumer use but are used in industrial or commercial applications. Generally, products that apply for UL Classified are building materials or industrial instruments.

Is UL certification recognized in other regions?

UL certification in the United States is voluntary, and manufacturers choose whether or not they send their products to UL for testing and certification. Unlike There is no specific regulation requiring products to have the UL logo. In North America, UL and cUL certifications are common. If the UL logo has “c” and “US” written on the left and right sides, respectively, it means the product complies with both American and Canadian standards. In Europe, the EN 62368-1 standard is used. In other regions, the CB international system based on IEC recognition allows products to obtain CB certificates through testing and approval from a single certification body, simplifying the process for multiple applications. Currently, CB certificates are recognized in more than 50 countries worldwide, including Japan, China, South Korea, France, Germany, Denmark, Finland, and other countries. This certification system enables products to enter different markets and comply with safety requirements in a more straightforward manner.

UL certified Cincoze products

Cincoze places a premium on customer safety and product quality, making the high cost of obtaining UL certification worthwhile. The industrial computer products under the Cincoze brand are developed from the ground up to withstand various high-temperature and harsh conditions. Our strict requirements for component selection and system design ensure safe operation in demanding industrial environments, providing customers with peace of mind. Cincoze has obtained UL certification for the following products:

Rugged Computing DIAMOND Product Line

• Power-efficient & Basic I/O Rugged Embedded Computer – DA-1100

• High-performance & Compact Rugged Embedded Computer – DX-1200 (Pending)

Display Computing CRYSTAL Product Line

• Display Module

  • Convertible Display Module – CV-100 Series
    • Sunlight Readable Display Module – CS-100 Series
    • Open Frame Display Module – CO-100 Series

Computer Module

  • Power Efficient Convertible Computer – P1201
    • High Performance Convertible Computer – P2102/P2102E

In addition to the above products, which have obtained UL Listing and UL Recognized Component for the United States and Canada, future products will also undergo bear the UL and cUL Listing and Recognized Component marks. Please contact us to inquire about the certification status of each model.

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